I have noted my frustration with the preparation of newly acquired computers in an earlier entry.  On the other hand, I find cameras to be far easier to master.  There seems to be a logic to them that often eludes me when it comes to the quirks and quarks of computer technology.  Perhaps, it is just that I do not always understand the "whys" in how they operate.

I have always been fascinated with cameras...well, optics in general.  As a young teenager I was given a telescope for Christmas along with a membership into the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.  This may account for my love of nightly walks under heaven's lights.

Last year I up-graded to a digital slr though I have yet to fully abandon my film-oriented cameras. Early this month I added a Canon camcorder to my collection.  Nothing out of the ordinatry but it will expand my abilities to record my travels as well as those of the pooch and the odd friend.  Hopefully, over the next year I will be able to document more fully some of the areas mentioned in this blog.